Power Entry Filters
080/080M General purp..
081/081M Single fuse ..
082/082M Single fuse ..
083/083M Double fuse ..
084/084M Double fuse ..
096C High Current, Hi..
085/085M Swtich power..
086/086M High perform..
088 High performance ..
080 /08M-L High perfo..
   Single Phase Filters
090/090M General Purp..
091/091M High perform..
092/092M/21 Double st..
092/23 Sports equipme..
055 / 055M High Perfo..
High Voltage,Single s..
0923 / 0923M / 21High..
F9100 Extended Tempe..
F9200Extended Tempera..
094/094M General Purp..
   Home Appliances Filters
Goods General Purpose..
095/02 Washing Machin..
095/03 & 095/04 High..
095/05 Dish washers a..
095/06 General, low s..
   Three Phase Filters
096 General purpose t..
097 High performance ..
098 Three phase four ..
096B Industrial comp..
   Feed Through Filters
056 Feed through filt..
   Shield Facilities Filte..
057/01 14KHz Shielded..
057/02 150KHz Shielde..
059 Standard and Low ..
058 Data filters
   Special Filter
Custom Filters
Communication AC/DC F..
   Coils and Inductors
019 / 018 Sealed (IP ..
Coils and Inductors
   Electronic Controls and..
Electronic Controls
PCB Assembly
   Wire Harness and Cable ..
Wire Harness and Cabl..
   Integrated Systems and ..
Integrated Systems an..


  Product Categories
  Power Entry Filters

Variety of Power Entry Filters and Modules Rated  1-20A

  Single Phase Filters

Single phase line filters Rated 1-40A

  Home Appliances Filters

Washing machines, dish washing machines and other home appliance filters Rated 1-16A

  Three Phase Filters

Three phase filters and three phase + netural EMI Filters Rated 1-125A

  Feed Through Filters

Feedthrough capacitors and Feedthrough filters Rated 1-1000A

  Shield Facilities Filters
Facility power and data filters per MIL-STD Rated up to 200A
  Special Filter
Special filters for the communication and other industrial application Rated 1-1000A
  Coils and Inductors
PFC coils and large variety of Common Mode and Differential Mode coils and inductors, Chokes and Air coils, Rated 0.5-100A
  Electronic Controls and PCBA
Electronic controls, PCB assemblies and Backplanes Rated 1-60A
  Wire Harness and Cable Assembly
Variety of wire harness and cable assembly Rated 1-100A
  Integrated Systems and Hardware
Fully intergrated systems assembly, chases, heat sinks and shielding panels
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