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Position EMI Application Engineer
Published 2011-12-12
Job Description

Working location: kunshan, jiangsu


1.job description - general



1)the suitable cidate will be responsible f the testing  design of single  three phase applications

to find suitable solution that will meet emc requirements in china  overseas

2)he / she will be responsible to provide design solution on new projects (concept design  solution designs) to suppt the company on-going projects.



2.description in detail


1)college  above  maj in electrical/electronic engineering  related

2)me than 5 years wking experience in emi power filter design.

3)be familiar with emi filter design related knowledge.  electronic parts property

4)be familiar with emi/emc industry  international stards

5)be familiar with component spec/properties  its manufacturing processes

6)english capability f reading  writing is preferred

7)team wk spirit  hard wk with object iented

8)be familiar with electronic assembly  safety requirements.

9)be familiar with the basic concept  procedure of iso.



3. job responsibility


1)be responsible f completing costeffective emi power filter design accding to customer requirements 

2)wk with mechanical engineer f the mechanism design of emi fitter.

3)independently complete the design  validation f the new projects, components sourcing  qualification

4)complete the quotation f the new projects  prototyping making.

5)evaluate  audit the relevant suppliers

6)wk with customer to clarify the project infmation  control the design progresses

7)technical suppt to the other departments in the company



4.other requirements 

1)capable of residing  living in kunshan – jiangsu province.

2)traveling in china will be required f customers visits  test process



Position EMI Design Engineer
Published 2011-12-12
Job Description


1)The suitable candidate will be responsible for the testing and design of Single and three phase applications
to find suitable solution that will meet EMC requirements in China and overseas;
2)He / She will be responsible to provide design solution on new projects (Concept design and solution designs)
to support the company on-going projects.


1)College or above and major in Electrical/Electronic Engineering or related;
More than 5 years working experience in EMI Power Filter design.
Be familiar with EMI Filter design related knowledge. and electronic parts property;
Be familiar with EMI/EMC industry or international standards;
Be familiar with component spec/properties and it's manufacturing processes;
English Capability for reading and writing is preferred
Team work spirit and hard work with object oriented
Be familiar with Electronic Assembly and Safety requirements.
Be familiar with the basic concept and procedure of ISO.


1)Be responsible for completing costeffective EMI Power Filter design according to customer requirements and
Industry standards;
Work with Mechanical Engineer for the mechanism design of EMI fitter.
Independently complete the design and validation for the new projects, components sourcing and qualification;
Complete the quotation for the new projects and prototyping making.
Evaluate and audit the relevant suppliers;
Work with customer to clarify the project information and control the design progresses;
Technical support to the other departments in the company;


1)Capable of Residing and living in Kunshan Jiangsu Province. 
Traveling in China will be required for Customer's visits and test process


Position GM Assistant and Secretary
Published 2009-09-16
Job Description

Position Summary:


Responsible for the daily coordination and handling of the GM Office Activities and their related support, Taking notes and meeting minutes, summary of meeting minutes and distribution, filing and filing control.




1. Education:

University Degree or similar


2. Experience:

Minimum 4 years work Experience in a Manufacturing organization with firm based system (ISO 9001 or similar) and 3 years office management, filing system and general office work


3. Specific knowledge:

- Familiar with ISO System process (TS 16949) and company operational system.

- Familiar with Office Management and Filing system.

- Familiar with Meeting summary process and taking meeting minutes and records.

- Familiar with Contract Review and comments


4. Competencies:

- Good coordination skills and follow through process.

- Good inter-relations and communication capabilities.

- Good capabilities in coordination of meeting schedule, travel schedule etc.

- Good understanding of office management and filing system.

- Discrete and target orientation. \

- Good English capability (Spoken and written) is required



Major Tasks and Responsibilities:


- Costing process Control of New Products development and manage project development on the Server LCR-01 System

- General Marketing activities of the company

- Handle of General projects implementation and follow up of the GM Office

- General Documents review and approval

- Handle and control the filing system of GM Office

- Take meeting minutes, dispatch meeting minutes to related personnel and staff, follow up on the on-time executionOther according to the needs.

- General Handling and Support of the GM Office activities, schedule arrange and Follow Up

- Other according to the needs.



Other requirements


- Professional and Discrete.

- Good team support and coordination

- Capable to work independently and complete projects on time.

- High level of integrity. Understanding the company needs and directions and support such needs


- MUST reside (or be able to reside) in Kunshan





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